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Bitvise WinSSHD 5.26

WinSSHD provides remote login capabilities to Windows workstations and servers
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WinSSHD is a SSH server for all the Windows NT-series operating systems, and supports Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 2008. The remote access is very secure in this server either through console or GUI. Along with that, the file transfer is also very secure.

This server is very easy to use, configure and install. One bright advantage is that there are no restrictions on the quantity of users using the connections with no hamper to the cost either. The speed of connection is very fast. Any user situated in a common domain of windows can easily log in to this server without any need of authentication. Virtual accounts can be created instead of many Windows accounts for many users logged in.

The terminal support provided by this server is quite good as has all the tools and techniques for generating proper output. This server is very user friendly and highly flexible. Multiple users can open multiple sites in this single server without any difficulties.

Among the features of the professional edition we find: Ease of use, Unlimited connections, Windows groups, Speed, 5 MB/s, Single sign-on, Virtual accounts, Terminal support, Flexibility, Server-side forwarding, Scriptable settings, Multi-site support, and others.

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  • Many users can get connected to the Server with the no raise in cost


  • This Server is not aplicable for MAC or Linux
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